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ALT-008507 Mini Blending Brush Set
by Altenew
$26.99 $25.63
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Are you looking for the perfect small ink blending tools to suit your coloring needs?

You can use them with any and all ink colors to create beautiful and colorful paper crafting projects. The small tools each feature soft white bristles and ergonomically designed handles to help you seamlessly blend ink without experiencing hand fatigue. Cleaning is easy; simply rinse with gentle soap and water, and let them air dry.

We can't wait to see the beautiful creations you will make with this ink blending toolset!

This set includes 4 mini ink blending tools.
ALT-005858 Crafter's Showcase - Stackable Storage
by Altenew
$19.99 $18.98
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Organize AND display your crafting supplies with our Crafter's Showcase storage system!

This clear storage box is sized perfectly to fit your Altenew Small Ink Blending Tools and is divided into 12 compartments measuring 2.17" x 1.77" (55mm x 45mm) each. You can easily store additional tools and supplies to keep your crafting space neat and tidy, and the boxes are stackable so you can customize your storage!

- 9.09" x 5.87" x 1.5" (231mm x 149mm x 39mm)
- Securely holds 24 Altenew Small Ink Blending Tools
- Hinged lid with a raised lip for stacking